Nik Sergeev - Wood Sculptures


These are small photographs of Nik's wooden sculptures. Click on one to see a larger close-up view. Some of the sculptures have more than one photo.
The sculptures are: Snail (Wandoo), Lizard (Mulga),  Drunk again (Mallee root, Jarrah base), Antelope head (Acacia root), Forest creature (Mallee root  ), Overstretched (Eucalypt, unknown species, Jarrah base), Dragon #1 (Acacia root), Running lady (River gum, Jarrah base), Saxophone (Mulga), Demon (Mallee root),  Dancer (Eucalypt, unknown species, Jarrah base), Gnome (Pine Radiata),  Moai (Easter Isle motif) (Jarrah), and Bushfire survivor (Acacia, unknown species). If you would like to learn more about the timbers these were crafted from, visit the <a href="../trees.html">Trees</a> page.
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