Nik Sergeev - Wood Sculptures


The following links include selected resources on wood sculpture by artists actively utilising and enhancing natural wood features in their pieces. This type of wood sculpture has no well-established definition, commonly it is referred to as driftwood, found wood or root sculpture.

There is a wide spectrum of styles of a found wood sculpture, ranging from completely untouched and just cleaned "as-it-is" abstract forms to highly modified pieces though flowing along the original wood shapes and textures. The link order reflects an increasing degree of wood shaping by the artisan. Please report any dead links.

Peter Wagensonner, Germany
Abstract sculptures and objects from dead trees and burls

Carl Woodland, USA
Abstract driftwood sculpture, furniture and mirror frames. Untouched driftwood sculpture with sand blasting and waxing at the most / if any treatment

David Flood, USA
"He works with naturally formed pieces of wood using a subtractive and sometimes reconstructive technique to reveal inherent aesthetic qualities of abstract art such as organic form, texture, and color"

David Holzapfel, USA
Furniture from found wood

Jodi Forster, Canada
Abstract sculptures, found wood

Leigh Morgan, Australia
Abstract sculptures from scavenged Australian Red Cedar

Susan Clinard, USA
Interesting combination of driftwood and clay sculpture

Daniel Iley, Australia
Found wood and steel sculptures

Mike Butler, USA
Abstract root sculptures

David Chansard, France
Root sculptures

Driftwood Sculpture Show 2008, USA
Works of many talented driftwood sculptors

Vladimir Ivanov, Russia
Root and found wood sculptures

Igor Grey, Russia
Figurative sculptures, refined natural forms.

Murat Guzeldere, Turkey
Figurative sculptures

Vladimir Meshcheryakov, Russia
Root sculptures, figurative and fish sculptures made from the local Crimean peninsula trees

Betty Sager, Canada
Elements of using and enhancing of wood "flow" in some of sculptures

Christopher White, USA
Using and enhancing of wood "flow" in most of his sculptures. The favourite medium - West Texas juniper